There are a number of ways the research in this project is mobilized including this website, workshops, the lay summary - "toolkit" and academic publications.

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FINAL Toolkit (Study 1 - Posted Feb 10, 2017; updated Feb 27, 2017)

Toolkit Workshop/Webinar

"Toolkit for Turbines Workshop – findings and feedback" is a half-day event (Dec. 8, 2016) which will bring together stakeholders interested in wind energy development siting process policies. We will present findings from our studies and ask for input to refine the Toolkit. The workshop will be hosted using webinar software - which will allow stakeholders to participate online, while others will participate face-to-face.

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IN-PERSON ATTENDANCE DETAILS (Parking, map, floor plans)

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Carelle earns AAG paper award! 17 Apr 2021

Canadian MOCWE survey results arriving! 7 Nov 2020

Attitudes towards wind turbine health effects pathways 20 Oct 2020

Carelle's paper on energy transitions and and reconciliation accepted for publication 9 Sep 2020

Ireland wind neighbours pilot survey 6 Sep 2020

Paige Callaghan joins the team 28 May 2020

Carelle completes interview phase of M'Chigeeng research partnership 16 Oct 2019

Carelle, Parveen and Jamie join low carbon transition workshop in Belfast NI 20 Sep 2019

Welcome Sara to the research team 10 Sep 2019

M'Chigeeng-MOCWE (Western U) research partnership launch! 25 Jul 2019

International Energy Association Wind Task 28: Social Accpetance of Wind Energy 28 Mar 2018

Welcome Parveen to the research team 8 Jan 2018

Renewables in Remote Communities: Whitehorse 24 Oct 2017

Welcome Carelle to the research team 28 Sept 2017

Dr. Walker off to Queen's, Postdoc A SHARED Future 1 Sept 2017

Team research workshop and fieldtrip - thanks to our hosts! 18 August 2017

News and views piece on community participation published in Nature Energy 18 July 2017

Dr. Walker! 27 June 2017

Jamie attends workshop for A SHARED Future 24 March 2017

Media coverage of "Toolkit" studies 6 March 2017

Final "Toolkit" available for download 10 February 2017

"Toolkit" and Dec 8 Workshop/Webinar details posted 6 December 2016

On Thurs, Dec. 8, 2016 we will be holding our end-of-project workshop for the "toolkit" series of studies. 17 October 2016

Graduate students needed for new funded studies! 8 July 2016

Study 1: All data collected and being analyzed 11 February 2016

Lessons learned from Ontario wind energy disputes manuscript published 26 January 2016

"Adding insult to injury" manuscript published 23 November 2015

Emmanuel Songsore earns PhD focused on media analysis. Congratulations! 19 October 2015

Survey for study 1 has been mailed out to prospective respondents. 15 June 2015

COAREP seeking turbine lease-holders in the Adelaide-Metcalfe area to interview (confidential/anonymous)! 17 February 2014

Meghan McMorris joins the research team to work with Indigenous communities. 17 February 2015

Fieldwork in Ontario and Nova Scotia 8 October 2014

Media release of "Beyond Rhetoric" study paper 21 May 2014

"Geographic perspectives on wind energy" 10 April 2014

Launch of COAREP website 9 April 2014