Our Team

Jamie Baxter (Lead)

Jamie Baxter is a Professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Western Ontario and he is the principal investigator for COAREP. He has been involved in studying community-based social construction of risk, and facility siting issues for over two decades. He has extensive experience with combining qualitative interview and qualitative survey methods on topic ranging from voluntary hazardous facility siting, and pesticide by-law preferences to landfill siting justice and more recently, community perceptions of wind turbines.

"Meaning of community wind energy (MOCWE)" studies

Michelle Adams

Michelle Adams is an Associate Professor with the School for Resource and Environmental Studies at Dalhousie University and a Research Fellow at the Verschuren Centre for Sustainability in Energy and the Environment. She is also the former Director of the Eco-Efficiency Centre (Dalhousie) – an outward-facing research unit focused on the integration of resource efficiency and sustainable technology into industrial operations both nationally and internationally. Dr. Adams is a professional engineer and former naval officer who holds a PhD from Dalhousie University focused on industrial ecology, energy policy and sustainability strategies for business and industrial operations. Michelle’s current research involves the integration of renewable energy technologies and industrial symbiosis strategies into the development of a bio-industrial network with the aim of supporting regional economic development through a transition to low-carbon industrial activities.

Laura Creagh

Laura Creagh is a Masters student from Queen's University Belfast. She will be working on study 5.

Geraint Ellis

Professor Geraint Ellis is Chair of Environmental Planning and Director of Research for Sustainable Built Environment in the School of Natural and Built Environment at Queen’s University, Belfast (QUB) and Adjunct Professor at University of Western Ontario. He is also Co-Editor of the Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning. His key research interests are in planning and sustainability with a particular emphasis on renewable energy, planning governance and healthy urban planning. He has published widely on these topics and has recently been involved in projects that have examine the future of wind energy in Denmark, the challenges of the energy Transition in Ireland and the opportunities for designing cities to support healthy ageing in Brazil and the UK. You can follow him on Twitter @gellis23 and see his full profile here: http://bit.ly/ZYkPNM

Kate Hegarty

Kate Hegarty is a Masters student from Queen's University Belfast. She will be working on study 5.

Chantelle Richmond

Dr. Chantelle Richmond is an Indigenous health geography scholar and Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at Western, cross-ppointed with First Nations Studies & the Department of Family Medicine. She will be most involved in study 3. Chantelle's Department page

Romayne Smith Fullerton

Dr. Smith Fullerton is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies at Western. She will be most involved in study 7. Romayne's Faculty page

Cody Walter

Cody Walter is a PhD student from Dalhousie University. She will be working on study 5.

"Toolkit for turbines" studies

Isaac Luginaah

Isaac Luginaah is a Professor in the Department of Geography and Canada Research Chair in Health Geography at Western University. He has research interests in environment and health, population health and GIS applications in health. He provides methodological direction on the project including the use of mixed methods and community-based research.

Chad Walker

Chad Walker is a PhD candidate in Geography and the Environment and Sustainability program at Western. He will use data from the "Toolkits for Turbine Communities" study for his PhD thesis. Chad was the lead researcher on the "Don Quixote" study involving two communities on the shores of Lake Erie living with turbines. He has published a number of papers on his case-study work and is the lead researcher for study 1. (see Study 1)

Michael Buzzelli

Michael Buzzelli is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at Western University and Associate Executive Director of the Canadian Policy Network. His research interests include environment and health e.g., health hazard exposure analysis, geographic information systems (GIS), housing and the socioeconomic determinants of health. Michael is currently supervising Emmanuel Songsore's PhD thesis – see Study 2.

Emmanuel Songsore

Emmanuel Songsore is a PhD candidate in Geography and Environment and Sustainability at Western University. He is interested in understanding how a multiplicity factors (e.g., socio-political, technical, aesthetic and health concerns) and the interplay thereof influence wind energy deployment. His research also seeks to understand conflicting values among various policy stakeholders involved in the development of wind energy. His current PhD research explores the role of the media in influencing public perceptions of wind energy development (see Study 2).